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GP consultations (20 minutes session)

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Our team of experienced medical minds has been practicing GP as well as more narrow medical fields (women's health, vaccinations, STI/STD testing etc.) for many years.
We offer 2 session length options for our patients, depending on the depth of the medical concern - 20 minutes long and a 30 minutes long one. Also we discount the price for all follow up consultations. Our price includes such expenses as taking blood, swab samples, providing post-test counseling and fees for medial prescriptions filed to a customer.
Such extended services as ECGs, lab tests and medications are priced additionally.
Each time almost we find ourselves able to meet our patients requests fully. Nevertheless if a 3rd party specialist referral is necessary - we will employ this option for our patients at no additional cost.
Feel free to contact us for any medical consultations or to book a GP appointment with us. For more information on how to get in touch, please visit our "Contacts" page.

For more information about the vaccination please
Call your Alpha Health - +1 (504) 123 - 23 - 23

Also you can choose the best time for appointment.